Thai Noodle Take Away

This dish was created because I was craving mandarin oranges but did not want to eat whole can in one sitting so welcome to the stage our Thai noodle take out dish.  This complete meal is delicious cold or heated up as you can decide what works best for you.  The tofu is marinated on a 24 hour soak as that is our signature for building flavor and then carmelized in the oven to impart texture to the tofu.  Our treatment of tofu and the flavor development is second to none.  We think of all steps always moving toward developing the most creative flavor profiles. We are tofu snobs and assure that all our tofu is organic and non-gmo. The veg will continue to change as the farmers start to have more and more availability.


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  • brown rice noodles
  • edamame
  • soy
  • mandarin oranges
  • tofu
  • maple syrup
  • hoison sauce
  • red cabbage
  • green cabbage
  • carrot
  • almond butter
  • lime
  • orange juice
  • furikake
  • sesame oil