My food memories run deep, starting with my grandparents, Vito and Vera Damiani. They are where my inspiration began. Meal times were always sacred in their house because of the amazing and nourishing food, also for the fellowship, too. I hope to put as much heart and soul into this dream as I know they would.


– Chef Alicia Watson

Vito & Vera family pic

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IMG_2AFE25B7AE73-1.jpeg Vito's Deconstructed Lasagna
Longevity Soup
Broccoli Salad
The Crusade Burger


Our company does much more than meals to-go…

We also specialize in innovative and sustainable plant-based catering. Vito and Vera offers a diverse global menu for events of all sizes and tastes.

Let us fuel your parties, business lunches, grand openings, fundraisers, retreats, and everything in between. We offer drop-off catering as well as onsite catering to suit your needs and budget. Chef Alicia’s catering menu is totally customizable, so don’t hesitate to inquire today.

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