The People’s Poutine

After the tornado, I have really been seeking out a comfort food style of food.  All the while, I realize we are moving to a lighter spring menu.  I was desiring an unctuous mouth feel and voila our peoples poutine was made.  Center of the plate is our pea protein combined with assorted mushrooms, green beans, corn and onions and garlic. This dish is topped with tater tots and violife cheese which makes it a next level dish. We will send this out with our local veggies which will rotate weekly as the farmers deliver the goods.  This is a great meal to order family style as all ages loves this dish and will eat without complaints. Please inquire with us if you are interested in feeding your family this dish.


want another dish? we got em'


  • pea protein
  • tater tots
  • coconut milk
  • garlic
  • onions
  • green beans
  • corn
  • violife cheese
  • soy sauce